C2CX Launched the new version of the website preparing for the bull market in 2019!

Dera C2CX uesrs

2018-12-13 C2CX releases new trading page. The new trading page enables users to view the K-Line together with the order book, as well as showing a larger order book. Open orders and order history were relocated under the K-Line.

2018-12-13 C2CX releases new demo trading book. This book allows the trading of apples versus oranges. The tickers will be APPL and ORNG.

2018-12-15 C2CX releases PAX-BTC and PAX-XRP books. The release of additional PAX books is planned for the near future.

2018-12-19 C2CX reverts the BCH-ABC chain from “BAB” to the original “BCH” ticker symbol. Historical BCH price data from the period prior to the November 15th fork will be temporarily unavailable.


C2CX team