C2CX November 15th hardfork temporary BCH deposit and withdrawal suspension.

Dear Customers,

On November 15th the Bitcoin Cash network will undergo a scheduled protocol upgrade. However an alternative version of this upgrade is being promoted by a separate team called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision ( BSV ). This will likely result in a fork that will create a new coin called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision ( BSV ). If this new chain proves viable C2CX will support BSV as well as BCH. Current BCH holders will receive BSV equivalent to their pre-fork BCH balance.

Key Notes:

1. BCH deposits and withdrawals will be suspend at 2018/11/15 x:00:00 PM (UTC), 4 hours before reaching the block height of the hardfork.

2. At time of suspension a snapshot of BCH balances will be taken. This snapshot will be used to determine post fork BSV balances. Only deposits confirmed before the snapshot will be considered.

3. BCH deposits and withdrawals will resume after the network stabilizes. We will notify you via email when this happens.

4. C2CX reserves the right to determine when and if BSV listing will be appropriate.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

C2CX Operations Team