C2CX Launched the new version of the website preparing for the bull market in 2019!

2018-12-13 C2CX releases new trading page. The new trading page enables users to view the K-Line together with the order book, as well as showing a larger order book. Open orders and order history were relocated under the K-Line.

2018-12-13 C2CX releases new demo trading book. This book allows the trading of apples versus oranges. The tickers will be APPL and ORNG.

2018-12-15 C2CX releases PAX-BTC and PAX-XRP books. The release of additional PAX books is planned for the near future.

2018-12-19 C2CX reverts the BCH-ABC chain from “BAB” to the original “BCH” ticker symbol. Historical BCH price data from the period prior to the November 15th fork will be temporarily unavailable.


11月15日比特币现金(BCH)网络将执行网络升级。同时,另外一个自称Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)的团队将产生他们自己的版本网络。这个变化将可能产生硬分叉,并产生另外一种新的加密货币 Bitcoin Stashi Vision (BSV)。如果此新链获得成功,C2CX将同样支持BSV。当前BCH持有用户将获得在分叉前等值的BSV余额。

C2CX November 15th hardfork temporary BCH deposit and withdrawal suspension.

On November 15th the Bitcoin Cash network will undergo a scheduled protocol upgrade. However an alternative version of this upgrade is being promoted by a separate team called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision ( BSV ). This will likely result in a fork that will create a new coin called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision ( BSV ). If this new chain proves viable C2CX will support BSV as well as BCH. Current BCH holders will receive BSV equivalent to their pre-fork BCH balance.